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Melora™ harnesses the natural power of New Zealand's native Mānuka tree to deliver high quality, exceptional Mānuka Products.

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Great Ways to Use Your Mānuka Oils

Great Ways to Use Your Mānuka Oils

Mānuka oil that is produced from the native New Zealand Mānuka tree naturally contains antibacterial properties. Here we share a few ideas to help you make the most out of this powerful essential oil.

Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

To help us carry through the transition between seasons, it is important to support your body and nurture your energy through the nutrients and vitamins available through high quality produce.

Nature's Sweetener for Cooking

Nature's Sweetener for Cooking

Here at Melora, we are all about keeping it natural and healthy eating. Swapping out that spoonful of sugar for an equal sized spoonful of honey is the ultimate way to satisfy your sweet tooth and fend off those sugar cravings. 

Treat your mum to a hearty breakfast

Treat your mum to a hearty breakfast

While a bouquet of flowers and a surprise gift are always a sweet and nice way to start Mother's Day, why not go the extra mile to show more sweetness to your mum by cooking her a wholehearted breakfast. 

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